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Cheaper Greener Cleaning

While watching shows online, I’ve been seeing a lot of this Downy commercial for their “April Fresh” laundry detergent or fabric softener or something.  Basically, they put a bed on the street so people can smell the sheets, which have been washed 7 days previously.  No one believes them that it’s been 7 days because the sheets smell so perfumedsoaked in chemicals … “fresh” that most people assume they have just been laundered.  Every time I see that commercial, I can’t help but wonder what inhaling those chemicals (chemicals which are strong enough to be smelled seven days later) every night for 8 or more hours (that’s 56 hours per week!) could do to your brain…or to your baby’s developing brain.

Before we had Nora, I was pretty committed to living lightly on the earth, and that included using sustainable and safe cleaning products.  We usually bought Seventh Generation products (although I’ll admit the occasional container of Comet could be found under my kitchen sink) and for a long time we’ve been making our own cleaning products.  Once I got pregnant, we renewed our commitment to having the safest environment possible, which meant going 100% chemical free, and, once I experienced the simplicity of cloth diapering, we also made the shift to more sustainable cleaning tools.

Not only are these changes healthier for us and for the planet, but they also have the added benefit of being cheaper than traditional cleaning supplies, and on our budget, every penny counts.

Last night as I was putting away clean (but scentless) towels under the kitchen sink, I thought some of you might appreciate hearing how we clean — and save money doing it.

This is cleaning central, under the kitchen sink. Continue reading


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Being Creative

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of fun exploring creativity.  Nora made her first painting towards the end of January and she loved it. It didn’t turn out too badly, either.Or maybe I just think that because I’m her mother… Continue reading

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Homemade (My First Giveaway!)

I love making homemade everything.  I’m a little bit crazy about it in fact…I always have at four or five projects going at once.  (Which really makes my husband crazy.)  I dabble in sewingbaking Continue reading


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Creating Traditions

One of the great things about being a parent is being able to create your own holiday traditions: deciding what’s important to celebrate, how it will be celebrated, and when.  But, as fun as it is to be able to decide for ourselves, it’s also an awesome responsibility.Everything we do is building a memory for Nora and setting a foundation for the adult life she will live. Continue reading


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