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We’ve already used up two days of March and I still can’t believe it.  I know I say it all the time…but where did the time go?  I’m always amazed at how short February is, the last full month of winter and now spring is just around the corner.

We had (what I’m assuming to be) one last snow Saturday night.  It was a great surprise to wake up Sunday morning to a winter white dusting.  We have a window at the head of our bed instead of a headboard, so I can curl around and peak out the curtain at sunshine, rain, or snow without having to touch toes to the floor.  Sunday is one of the two mornings that I get to sleep in, but when I woke up at 8:50 and saw the snow, I let Chris come back to bed (he’d been up for over an hour on toddler duty) and took Nora out to build her first snowman.

I love Nantucket, but I’m sad about the winters here.  We’re about 10 degrees warmer than the mainland, and I watched Facebook jealously this winter as my friends posted pictures of snow piled up to their knees in New York and Iowa.  Even my mom and family in north Texas got more snow and ice this year than we did in Nantucket!  And whenever we would get any tiny amount, it quickly melted away.  So when I saw the magical snow “storm” Sunday morning, I knew I needed to get Nora out before it was gone.  (As you can see it was already going quickly.) Continue reading

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Job Skills

One of the arguments against stay-at-home parenting that I hear is what a career killer it is to be out of the workforce for a number of years.  Sometimes, it’s said that the impact of SAH parenting is worse for men because it’s unexpected for them to do so, other times it’s said to be worse for women because our lifetime earning potential is already so much less than men.  Either way, it’s the most common reason I’ve heard for why I’m not helping myself (or my family) by staying at home with Nora.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about that, because I feel like I’ve developed so many new job skills since I quit my job…more than I would have developed if I had stayed on track.  And I’m not just talking about time-management and planning and other soft-skills mom’s claim (although I’m working on those too!). In the last few months I have taught myself HTML and CSS.  Sure, I wasn’t starting from scratch — I knew just enough to build fancy Facebook pages for my employers and a few friends  — but I couldn’t have coded a whole website from nothing.  I also couldn’t have edited together a reasonably good video, but now I’ve done that, too:

Of course, both of these things are related to Papoose, which would maybe technically mean I’m not going to be a SAH parent anymore Continue reading

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In case you missed the link in my last post, I want to introduce to you my new website for Papoose, www.papoosenantucket.com.

I am really excited about this site, not only because it’s an important step towards getting the funding necessary to get Papoose off the ground, but also because I built (coded!) the site myself.  Continue reading


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I might not have a lot of money…

I’m sitting here watching the State of the Union, and I can’t help but be inspired.

I’ll admit that in many of my adult years I haven’t bothered to watch the State of the Union or if I did, it wasn’t something that really resonated with me.  Often times, politics can seem so far away from my life; though I know that’s not really the case, it’s easy for world events to seem distant from the day-to-day happenings of life with a toddler.  But tonight, for the first time in a long time, I feel that the politics are speaking to and for me. Continue reading


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