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Big News

We have some exciting news to share:

And who better to tell it than Nora, who learned a new word this week.


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A birth story

I started pondering the art of sharing after reading the birth story of Dr. Rixa Freeze‘s third child, Inga. Inga was born at home on March 2nd in a surprise unassisted birth — the midwife arrived 5 minutes after she was born — and Rixa posted the birth story a few days after the birth.

I’ve admitted before to being a birth story junkie.  I love them; I love reading about birth and watching videos about birth.  It’s such an amazing and wonderful process, and one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have; I often find myself tearing up reading about/seeing the experience.  I’m also amazed at how different every labor is…how different giving birth is for every woman, and yet they all have the same strength to get through it, to do what has to be done.

Rixa’s writing reflects the calm and peace with which she labors and delivers, and the video she provides is wonderful – more than 30 minutes, unedited, surrounding her daughter’s birth.  She is cool and collected, centered and managing her pain, laughing just minutes before the baby crowns, and narrating as she catches her own baby.  She is the perfect example of woman’s ability to work with the pain of childbirth and successfully deliver drug-free.

The first video, ends about 7 minutes before delivery:

But I hesitated to share, because it is not a birth that goes perfectly.  Continue reading


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Talking About Birth

As I begin to position myself as an information source, an expert of sorts, on pregnancy, birth, and parenting, I’ve had to spend time thinking about what type of information I want to relay.  Through Papoose’s website, Facebook page, and in-store customer interactions, I’ll be sharing news and information that may be of interest to new and expectant parents, because I believe that informed parents are better parents.  It’s important now, in the early stages, to decide what messages I want to send and to what degree I want to inject my own opinions.

As a certified lactation counselor, there are clear guidelines: use peer-reviewed, published studies, not anecdotal evidence; understand that the mother-baby relationship comes first; respect and support the mother’s goals for breastfeeding regardless of how they may or may not align with my own; never judge.  These guidelines are equally fitting outside of my lactation practice.  I need to stay true to Papoose’s mission, to support new and expectant families through the full circle of maternity and parenting in a way that encourages the natural process, informed decision making, and informed purchasing, but I also need to be aware that there are many acceptable ways to parent that differ from mine; I don’t want to alienate prospective customers or friends just because they chose an epidural or weaned at 6 months, for example.  There’s a fine line there, because I don’t want to ignore my principles, from which stems Papoose’s goal of encouraging the natural process, but I don’t want to invalidate others.  And I also need to remember that my beliefs are not yet mainstream in our country.

Case in point: childbirth. Continue reading


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Saturday Surfing

Looking though my hundreds of unread posts in Google Reader last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at how interests evolve, so I thought I would do something a little different this Saturday and build links into an actual post.

I follow a few “mom blogs,” like Kelle Hampton’s Enjoying the Small Things whose second daughter’s birth story I’ve linked to before, I Am Momma Hear Me Roar which has super cute and easy crafts, two adorable boys, and an author who just seems nice, and A Peine For Your Thoughts, which is a hilarious and sarcastic almost-mom blog (she’s going to have twins any moment).  I follow craft blogs like Grosgrain which has amazing sewing and lots of upcycling directions, Prudent Baby which is almost all kid-related, and One Charming Party which is about, you guessed it, throwing parties.  There’s a few random blogs of my friends, a blog or two about home decorating, and a handful of cooking and food-related blogs, my favorites of which are Spoonfed and Smitten Kitchen.  I tend to prefer blogs with lots of original photography.  But most of the blogs I follow?  Most of them are because of her:

Blogs about parenting (Alternative Mama, Authentic Parenting, Peaceful Parenting, Simple Mom, Sustainable Mothering), blogs about breastfeeding (Breastfeeding Medicine, Mama is…), and blogs about birth (Stand and Deliver, The Man-Nurse Diaries, The Unnecesarean).  I am so incredibly absorbed in and excited by these subjects, something I never would have expected even two years ago. Continue reading

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