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Saturday was my birthday.  The last few years, I’ve gotten used to birthdays being days like any other, since Chris generally can’t take off work.  Last year, I spent the night just hanging with Nora and I expected this year to be the same.  And normalcy doesn’t really bother me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve already reached the big, anticipated birthday milestones (only the senior discount looms ahead, and I don’t think I’m in a rush to get there), but birthdays aren’t all that exciting to me anymore.  Being a mom has changed my perspective on birthdays a lot too; Nora’s birthday means so much more to me than does my own.  I care much more about celebrating September 6th than celebrating March 19th.  My birthday may have brought me here, but her birthday shaped who I am as a person.  And anyway, it seems like a celebration just doing normal things when I’m doing them with Nora.  So, I happily looked forward to a normal birthday weekend with my girl. Continue reading


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Hugs and Kisses

We don’t normally do Valentine’s Day.  Chris and I don’t buy each other elaborate gifts or plan fancy dinners out or exchange big boxes of HFCS-filled candy in the name of Hallmark Valentine’s Day.  But this year, we enjoyed celebrating love family-style.  Continue reading

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Reflections on Christmas

We’re well into January now, the tree is down, and our Christmas decorations have been packed back into the attic for another year.  Most people have moved on to resolutions and are maybe even starting to think about Valentine’s Day (or so one might surmise from looking at the grocery store shelves).

But I’m still thinking about Christmas for two reasons:1) my Christmas cards are still sitting on a pile on my desk waiting to be addressed and taken to the post office to be mailed (I will do it this week, I will!), and 2) I can’t stop thinking about how I felt in the week leading up to the holiday, and my mixed feelings about celebrating it at all.

Even after the fact, after the fun week spent with my family,I’m still not sold on Christmas.  I loved having them visit and I loved having the special, amazing dinner that Chris cooked, but as the presents came pouring in I started to feel worse and worse about the whole thing. Continue reading


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Last Week

This last week of 2010 has flown by — and it’s really going out with a bang.  I had thought that I would be back to regular blogging this week, but with preparing for Christmas, Christmas, my family visit, and late nights working on my New Year’s resolution (to be discussed Sunday)…I didn’t have much time or energy from blogging (or mailing out my Christmas cards…those will be arriving in the mail next week).  So, what did I do?

I sewed an adorable Christmas dressfor our little elf. Continue reading


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