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Eating for $65/Week

I get a lot of questions about what kind of food we eat when we’re only spending about $65 per week at the grocery store, so I thought I might actually record everything we ate in a week and share it with you.  Hopefully, this isn’t too boring of a post!  I thought that if you’re also trying to keep your grocery budget low, it might give you a better picture of how we save.

This was the week of Sunday, May 22-Saturday, May 28.


  • Blueberry-cornmeal pancakes with real maple syrup

  • Beet and chevre pizza (whole wheat crust) with mixed organic greens
  • Rice, black beans (for Nora: a black bean, tomato, and cheese puree), corn, fried egg


  • Huge breakfast burritos with eggs, onions, red potatoes, leftover black bean puree, cheese, and cilantro Continue reading


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Report Card

When did I last write a report card?  Weeks and weeks ago…so here’s a quick explaination incase you forgot (or are new here).  “Report Cards” are supposed to be my weekly reporting on how I’m doing with my Housewife Challenges which are my goals for myself, whether parenting, personal, or household related, and my attempts to make the reality of life with a toddler fit into the ideal that is those goals.

Because it’s not every day you can get dressed to the nines just to go to the beach.

Even if you really want to…or at least think you want to…or think you should want to…

So what are the challenges and how am I doing?  Read on… Continue reading


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Report Card

With the end of March, I was doing more than playing tricks on people.  I was also celebrating kicking the butt of one of my most challenging Housewife Challenges: the grocery bill.

I wrote awhile back about my goal to keep our spending below $270 per month, or approximately $3 per day per person, but when Chris and I set down to make our super-conservative crunch-time budget, we decided to allocate $65 per week to our grocery envelope – for a total of $260 in March.  We’re using an envelope system which forces me to stay on budget; it’s much easier to go over when you’re swiping a card instead of staring at cold hard cash.  I don’t have to stick to the weekly amount, that’s just our guideline for how much to put in (and we had it filled by week two).

I was really happy because the end of the month…

I was proud to have $2.50 left in the envelope. That’s $2.50 more to spend this month, but it’s really a celebration because every time we stick to budget, we are able to save a little more for Papoose and paying off debt.

Being on budget was a challenge, I’ll admit. Continue reading


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Easy Artisan Multigrain Loaf

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A Chris and Amber collaboration, based upon Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
See more recipes here Continue reading


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