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Nora’s Friend

Even though babysitting isn’t my ideal long-term plan, I have to say that it’s really been a good thing for our family.  I’ve made a great friend in Mr. T’s mama, I get plenty of practice in juggling two children (which will come in handy someday), and Nora gets the benefit of having another child around.  When I first started babysitting, last summer, I think she was too young to really know what was going on.  She was aware of Mr. V, but didn’t interact with him much.  By the time Mr. T started coming to our house last fall, she was just starting to get into babies, and was really interested in him and what he was doing.   Or, at least, she was really interested in his toys! Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

Given how the weekend started — with me LOSING Chris’ signed paycheck Friday night — I wasn’t expecting it to be all that great.  If you had talked to me Friday evening, you would have gotten a giant dose of glass-half-empty.  Not only was I mad and frustrated with myself (and more than a little confused about how it happened in the first place) but I was also in ulcer-inducing stress overdrive, worried about checks bouncing and how we would make it through the week.  Why does it always feel like, just when things are getting on track, you get thrown a curve ball?

If I hadn’t had Nora to get home and feed dinner (and to not freak out) I probably would have sat down and cried right in the middle of Stop & Shop.  I definitely would have sworn a lot more than I did.  But one of the things about having kids is that you can’t just go and have meltdowns when you feel like having one.  You still have to cook food and change diapers and you still have to laugh and take pictures when they pretend their pants are a hat. Continue reading


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December 4th

Today I was going to get back on track with my report cards.  I haven’t written one for a while (try since October 2nd) and I really do want to make a point of regularly checking in with myself and the Housewife Challenges.  Plus, it’s been a good week around here: I’m writing this in a house that is not only 97% clean, but also decorated for Christmas; I squeaked by at the grocery store with a $58.46 bill, which left $0.04 in my wallet, but put nothing on the credit card; we’ve been eating varied and delicious home cooked meals (not bragging, but there are pumpkin cinnamon rolls rising on the counter right now); I started making Nora’s Christmas dress; I managed to blog every day this week and I even did yoga for a whole 20 minutes…Monday.  If I were to get back on the report card bandwagon, this would be the week to do it (it’s sort of like adding easy things to” To Do” lists just to be able to check something off ).

But the thing is, as I sit here writing this (the night before it is going to post) I can’t stop myself from thinking that it’s December 4th and that I should really just be writing about how incredibly grateful I am for every single moment, good or bad, succeeding at my goals or failing.  And so I’m going to hold off on the real report card until next week, and this week I’m going to tell you about my friend Margarete,who is one of the most amazing women I know and whom we named Nora after (Margarete is Nora’s middle name). Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

In reflecting on not taking advantage of what might have been my only opportunity to directly tell a key government official everything on my mind, I couldn’t help but think about a project my friend Laura is working on.

Lovelorn Poets is a really quirky blog that highlights the best poetry and messages posted to Craigslist Missed Connections.  Laura spends a crazy amount of time digging through thousands of posts from all over the US to find ones that deserve more than being lost in the Craigslist archives.    Continue reading


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