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Report Card

When did I last write a report card?  Weeks and weeks ago…so here’s a quick explaination incase you forgot (or are new here).  “Report Cards” are supposed to be my weekly reporting on how I’m doing with my Housewife Challenges which are my goals for myself, whether parenting, personal, or household related, and my attempts to make the reality of life with a toddler fit into the ideal that is those goals.

Because it’s not every day you can get dressed to the nines just to go to the beach.

Even if you really want to…or at least think you want to…or think you should want to…

So what are the challenges and how am I doing?  Read on… Continue reading


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Hiring Help

In the world of parenting blogs, there has been much discussion lately of how we “do it all”: cooking healthy and homemade meals, maintaining an immaculate house, and raising perfect and adorable children, all while finding time to blog about it.  Of course, the answer is, we don’t.  No one “does it all”.  The meals are not always the most nutritious or made-from scratch perfection.  Houses are almost always dirtier than we’d like.  And, though the kids are always perfect and adorable, the same may not be the case for the parenting.

(It made sense at the time.)

Not too long ago, there was a post on Motherlode about Tina Fey, who is expecting her second child, and how she juggles career and family.  More than one commenter pointed out that she “juggles” by paying nannies and house cleaners and managers, etc.

As the discussion on “doing it all”  has played out in the blogs I read, it’s become clear that for professional bloggers, too, the answer is often hiring help.  Continue reading


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I’ll Never Be a Professional Blogger

Last week in the New York Magazine, there was an article about the Queens of Mommy Bloggers.  As I read through the article, couldn’t help but think that I will never be a professional blogger.  These women make hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of dollars off their blogs (which would be nice) but they also put in the time to make that possible.  They do real-world projects with the intent of writing about them later, which means they spend time not only on the project, but also (usually) photographing it step-by-step.  They photograph and document their lives in a way which could, possibly, keep them from actually living it.  And they make time each and every day to write, no matter what else is going on in their life.  They even, in extreme situations, have other people post  on their blogs for them.

As the last few weeks have shown, I, on the other hand, have neither the drive or time-management skills or something necessary to take my blog to that level.  I let life get in the way of blogging, and don’t let blogging get in the way of life.  Which is why over the last few weeks I wrote several incredibly brilliant blog posts in my head while washing dishes, sweeping floors, entertaining babies, and walking the dog, but never found time to actually transcribe that brilliance for you to read.

Instead of writing posts about Breast Milk Ice Cream, how the US is Failing its Families, and whether or not a mom should run for president, I was dancing for babies Continue reading


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Free Time

It’s been radio silence here on my blog, since lately I’ve been putting all my energy into this and other work during my essentially non-existent free time.  When I finally managed to check my email  today, there were 27 new messages…and don’t even get me started on my online reader:  I’m getting close to that point where I just “mark all as read” and start from scratch.

Just when I found myself wondering what happened to all my free time, Lisa Belkin wrote about a survey in Britain by which polled 3000 people and found that after everything else was subtracted, working parents have 90 minutes a day “to themselves.” Continue reading


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