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Finds of the week:

  • And Then She Saved — a blog by a woman who is on a “spending fast” for the year to try to eliminate her debt.
  • In Praise of Roughhousing, Motherlode — A little rough-and-tumble play can aid in children’s emotional development and in bonding with parents.
  • Let My Parents Marry, Motherlode — On the eve of NY’s reveiw of whether or not gays can legally marry, Lisa Belkin provides some reminders about the impact of homosexual parenting on children…not only are they not harmed, data shows children of homosexuals often fare better than children of heterosexuals.
  • Let’s talk parenting taboos: Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman, TED – A great 17 minute video of the creators of Babble talking about parenting taboos: happiness, miscarriage, love, and loneliness
  • Regresty – This blog, which finds odd and ridiculous Etsy listings, has been making me laugh all week.
  • Wax!!, Mini-eco — A short how-to on crayon and glitter stick making, one of the things on my to-do list.
  • WIC Peer Counseling Program essential for public health, Breastfeeding Medicine — A short statement in response to an amendment propsed by Virginia Foxx, (R-NC), which would remove existing funding for the WIC Peer Counseling Program.  Breastfeeding is a major public health issue and support NEEDS to be government funded, especially for women and children most at risk of poor health and inadequate nutrition.

Etsy love:1.  Strawberry Cake – Goat’s Milk Soap Bar 2.  A french cake recipe No 3 – La charlotte aux fraises – 8 X 10 Limited edition print  3. 50 1.5oz jars of our strawberry pineapple jam 4.  Custom Berry Sweet Summer Spring Applique side bow dress 5. Strawberry mini framed original painting  6. Retro apron with bow, Strawberries and Cherries  7. Strawberry Lockets 8. Hello Summer – 8×10 Print 9. Tri-Fold Crayon Wallet The Strawberry Patch

See more of my Etsy favorites here.


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Nora’s Friend

Even though babysitting isn’t my ideal long-term plan, I have to say that it’s really been a good thing for our family.  I’ve made a great friend in Mr. T’s mama, I get plenty of practice in juggling two children (which will come in handy someday), and Nora gets the benefit of having another child around.  When I first started babysitting, last summer, I think she was too young to really know what was going on.  She was aware of Mr. V, but didn’t interact with him much.  By the time Mr. T started coming to our house last fall, she was just starting to get into babies, and was really interested in him and what he was doing.   Or, at least, she was really interested in his toys! Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Summer Food


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Chris has been trying to convince me that we need a different double stroller, because this one is a giant pain.  It’s wheels are super small, not at all cut out for Nantucket sidewalksand it’s barely narrow enough to scrap through doorways.For whatever reason (more that I should get into at the moment), I am a complete and utter Scrooge, and I can’t imagine spending money on a new stroller when we have one that I got for cheap off the Reuse Exchange that works just fine (mostly).  He’s been slowly chipping away at my resolve, though, and as the weather gets nicer and we spend even more time strolling, I think about it more and more.  But in my mind, I need justification (as if an annoying walking experience isn’t enough) – especially because we would be buying a NEW stroller, which we have never, ever done and they are so incredibly expensive.  (Of course in my mind, anything that costs more than $5 is expensive!) Continue reading


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