Housewife Challenges

It’s not always easy being a housewife.I always knew I wanted to be a mother.  I’ve also known for a long time that the best thing for my kids would be to have a stay-at-home mom.  But, just because something is exactly what you want to do, does not mean that it’s easy for you to do it.  I dream big, and I have a vision for how my days and life should be: clean house, delicious homemade food, happy children, and time for me to do yoga.  But, not long after I quit my job to be a housewife, I realized that there’s the dream, and then there’s the reality of life with a baby; there were still going to be challenges in my daily life as I strive to match the reality to the dream.  Thus, the Housewife Challenges were created.  These are my goals for myself, whether parenting, personal, or household related, and they are a large part of the life I chronicle on this blog.

Here are the Housewife Challenges so far:

  1. Get (and keep) the grocery bill under budget [read original post]
  2. Keep a clean house [read original post]
  3. Become a yoga master [read original post]
  4. Use the sewing machine [read original post]
  5. Practice patience [read original post]
  6. Plan (weekly) and cook balanced, varied meals [read original post]
  7. Prioritize and be realistic in expectations for myself [read original post]

Check up on me!

Every other Sunday (or so) I write a “report card” on how I’m doing at keeping up with the Housewife Challenges.  Some weeks (days!) are better than others — but that’s life with a baby!  Read my report cards here.