Berry Sweet

It’s probably good that I forget how much I love summer during the cold months, because I would be pretty depressed if I spent gray and dreary Nantucket winters mourning the amazingness that is a perfect summer day:

Bike rides to the grocery store, walks to the farmers market, and digging through straw and leaves of green to find juicy red.All spring and early summer I’ve been having small “aha”-moments of remembrance…moments where I wonder how we possibly survived without heat and empty strawberry buckets just waiting to be filled.But this past Saturday was more than a small “aha;” it was a great big “ohhhh boy,” as Nora loves to say.  I biked eight miles that day ,which just felt wonderful, and took Nora strawberry picking at Bartlett’s.  It was so much fun to watch her picking and eating sweet sun-kissed berries for the first time.  She was so excited, she pretty much gorged herself on berries,  double-fisting and munching by the handful.

I couldn’t even get a smile on camera, because her mouth was perpetually full.

We brought home a good amount fruit, but have been stuffing ourselves silly to make up for a winter of apples, apples, more apples and a little bit of citrus.

I’m just hoping no one else on island will realize how fabulous they are so we can bike back to pick more next Saturday.  Two perfect summer Saturdays in a row!


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3 responses to “Berry Sweet

  1. Shari

    A frozen strawberry margarita would be yummy! Those are good looking strawberries.

  2. Meg

    Bartlett’s has pick-you-own strawberries???I’m out ther first thing tomorrow! Strawberry shortcake here I come. Thanks for the heads up.

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