Saturday Surfing

Finds of the week:

  • And Then She Saved — a blog by a woman who is on a “spending fast” for the year to try to eliminate her debt.
  • In Praise of Roughhousing, Motherlode — A little rough-and-tumble play can aid in children’s emotional development and in bonding with parents.
  • Let My Parents Marry, Motherlode — On the eve of NY’s reveiw of whether or not gays can legally marry, Lisa Belkin provides some reminders about the impact of homosexual parenting on children…not only are they not harmed, data shows children of homosexuals often fare better than children of heterosexuals.
  • Let’s talk parenting taboos: Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman, TED – A great 17 minute video of the creators of Babble talking about parenting taboos: happiness, miscarriage, love, and loneliness
  • Regresty – This blog, which finds odd and ridiculous Etsy listings, has been making me laugh all week.
  • Wax!!, Mini-eco — A short how-to on crayon and glitter stick making, one of the things on my to-do list.
  • WIC Peer Counseling Program essential for public health, Breastfeeding Medicine — A short statement in response to an amendment propsed by Virginia Foxx, (R-NC), which would remove existing funding for the WIC Peer Counseling Program.  Breastfeeding is a major public health issue and support NEEDS to be government funded, especially for women and children most at risk of poor health and inadequate nutrition.

Etsy love:1.  Strawberry Cake – Goat’s Milk Soap Bar 2.  A french cake recipe No 3 – La charlotte aux fraises – 8 X 10 Limited edition print  3. 50 1.5oz jars of our strawberry pineapple jam 4.  Custom Berry Sweet Summer Spring Applique side bow dress 5. Strawberry mini framed original painting  6. Retro apron with bow, Strawberries and Cherries  7. Strawberry Lockets 8. Hello Summer – 8×10 Print 9. Tri-Fold Crayon Wallet The Strawberry Patch

See more of my Etsy favorites here.


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3 responses to “Saturday Surfing

  1. Sarah Meyers

    I love aprons, but what do you wear them for? I cook way too much to be taking it on and off, and if i used it instead of towels to wipe my hands, I’d have to wash it all the time. but they’re so cute!! what do i do amber? what do i do?!?

  2. I do wipe my hands on them and Nora’s hands…and face. And I’m sometimes get a little crazy with flour or get too close to the counter when I’m ashing dishes, so an apron keeps my clothes clean. I think the key is to have more than one. I do laundry pretty frequently, so I have three, which means I wear it once or twice before washing (depending on how dirty)…I totally want more; I’m obsessed with vintage style aprons!

  3. Sarah Meyers

    ok, so our church had a cooking themed vbs… and all I could think of was “well, poop. that’s what you wear them for!”

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